The sheepskins are treated and finished on both sides, one suede side, soft and silky on the outside of the slippers, and one wool fur side, sleek and smooth inside the slippers, bringing comfort and softness. The top of the slippers is stretchy, allowing enough of an opening for baby feet, and holding the ankle, but not tightening it.

Also, the sheepskin is naturally a thermo-regulator that will maintain baby feet in warm during winter season, and will absorb sweat in the summertime.
The cuff can be unfolded to keep the instep warm.

The outsole is in suede. And sizes 22 to 30 have an anti-slip sole thanks to the rubber protection.
Wubby slippers are available in 7 colors in sizes 16 (0-3 months), 18 (3-6 months) and 20 (6-12 months): Beige, Noir Cendré, Rose, and Ecru, All-over Noir, All-over Ecru, All-over Rose;
and in 2 colors from size 22 (5.5 UK) to 30 (11.5 UK) : Rose, Noir.


Wubby slippers can be personalized by engraving the baby’s name on the sole. Personalization is by request for sizes : 16, 18 and 20.

Wrapped in their pretty box, Wubby slippers make a perfect gift for a newborn.


Just as we keep the shoes of our first footsteps, we’ll also keep our first little Wubby slippers.
A gift box is offered for sizes 16, 18 and 20.
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